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War for All and All for Won


Holy sh*t! I’ve discovered another amazing 2019 Metal album, MAGISTARIUM’s ‘War for All and All for Won‘. Forging the best of old-school Heavy Metal into irresistible Operatic Symphonic. Germany gets that molten steel flowing, once again. More, please …

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Revisiting 70s crime cinema gives 2018 flick ‘Dragged Across Concrete’ a welcomed kick and crazy cool style.

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Crown of Autumn’s 2019 album ‘Byzantine Horizons’ is a surprising, impressive collection of Gothic tinged melodic Death Metal.

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The Murray Doesn’t Die

I’m not saying we need another zombie movie. But,..if we’re getting one it might as well be a Jim Jarmusch flick, ‘The Dead Don’t Die‘. If anyone remembers his stellar 2013 vampire film ‘Only Loves Left Alive‘ (I believe about five people saw it in the theater :-( ) you can appreciate what this master filmmaker is capable of doing with horror deconstruction. More, please …

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Midnight Oil Burning

When I look back at my youth there is only a handful of bands that both stirred my soul and ignited the revolutionary spirit within. At the absolute top of that list is Australia’s MIDNIGHT OIL. Beyond being one of the greatest Rock bands all time, they represent the absolute best of what Rock music is capable of when performed by musicians brimming with both skills and intensity. More, please …


“You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.”
— Al Capone