My name is Chad Schulz. I’m a forty-something living the “time is more valuable than money” simple life in Midwestern America. I’m an avid (obsessed) Film aficionado, Rock and Metal fan, and genre TV addict.

Although smartphones and the internet have crippled my ability to make money from Photography, I keep it as my go to hobby/escape and maintain a collection of modern and vintage cameras/lenses.

I used an Apple IIe and a Commodore 64 during my 1980s youth and still continue my deep dive with modern PC’s and mobile gadgets. I love gaming and coding. I’ve been a user of the whole Internet thing since it was just dial-up text-only bulletin-boards connected by landline phone cradle modems (a la ‘Wargames’).

Here’s the thing. My first foray into website design and deployment began nearly a decade ago with this site. And after running it for a few years I lost complete control of it. Hundreds of posts, multiple (and conflicting) page designs, and a mess of HTML, CSS, and PHP that couldn’t be easily unified or secured. So I walked away to explore “other things”.

I’ve always wanted to try running a website where community and collective information were kings. So off I went and learned PHP and CSS while spending nearly a year developing and designing what I was hoping to be a beautifully constructed and user friendly Music/Film/TV discussion forum. And then 2016 happened.

That social media driven, wholly mean-spirited “political” assault on everything Internet not only destroyed many well-established websites/forums it ended whatever motivations I had for anything “community”.

Therefore, I took some time off, got back into photography, and left the World Wide Web behind…

Now I’m back, returning to my roots, so to speak. Chadrschulz.com 2.0 aims to do exactly what its first incarnation did, to share my not-entirely unique perspective on all things Film, TV, and Rock/Metal Music. And to allow, from time to time, my ever narrowing mind to shout out in frustration against an ever-growing din of madness.

Built from the ground up, stealing what I could from my previous efforts, I’ve hopefully(?) found a solid balance between information, opinion, function, and accessibility. Design and security changes can now be made quickly without days of coding grind.

I don’t endeavor to attract hordes of faithful acolytes. Monetizing websites is still a thing, it’s just not my thing. The beauty of the Internet is that it allows anyone to post anything at anytime for the entire world to view and it costs nearly nothing. A sounding board requiring no listeners to still resonate with the one making all the noise.

My motivations for this site are creative and wholly personal. I know certain things and believe certain things and if someone out there wants access to it chadrschulz.com provides.

A few things of note:

  • I don’t make a habit of putting spoilers into Film/TV reviews. What’s the point of convincing someone to see or not to see something if you’re going to give away important plot details during the “convincing”? If I feel the need to unleash I do so under the “Deep Dive” sections which can only be accessed with a button click and a spoiler warning, if needed.
  • I love classic Heavy Metal and Rock. Bands like JUDAS PRIEST, THIN LIZZY, RUSH, QUEEN, BLACK SABBATH, JETHRO TULL, THE CARS, VAN HALEN, ANTHRAX, and METALLICA (80s era) are what I grew up on. And although I love new Metal and Rock bands, I’m a product of my time. My tastes reflect this. You’ve been warned.
  • My opinions are entirely my own. However, just like yours, they’re being formed through life experience. Therefore, they can/will change. Reviews posted years ago may no longer reflect what I still feel about something. I’ll try my best to leave past reflections untouched as they mark my evolution towards enlightenment. ;-)
  • I find defining art of any kind with hard grades/ratings unnatural. Reviews reflect an emotional, personal response to artwork that isn’t easily quantifiable. However, from a practical standpoint they are a necessary evil for review-centric websites. And I’ve chosen letter-grades (A-F) instead of any numerical or star-based system. I think this offers a more organic “grading on a curve”.
  • I’ve come to loathe most social media websites. Their whole self-absorbed, flavor of the moment flow of pettiness and triviality has nearly destroyed the weight of thoughtful criticism and true knowledge-gained that helped originally promote the Internet as a beacon of free-speech and liberty, worldwide. Yet, I’m providing sharing icons within–in case visitors would like to promote something posted to any/all appropriate parties.
  • If you find anything objectionable (content and/or design) I welcome constructive criticism, privately. To prevent the creation of a madhouse of unchecked emotion I’m not allowing any form of discussion within the website. You may contact me (the author) directly and I’ll respond as appropriateness dictates.

Lastly, if you are an artist(s) with anything you wish me to review/promote and you have the rights to grant access I welcome any/all content for consideration. I won’t promise favorable reviews, but I’m always fair. Contact me here.

Chad Schulz