I’m a forty-something living the “time is more valuable than money” simple life in Midwestern America. I’m also an avid (obsessed) Film aficionado, Rock and Metal fan, and genre TV addict.

My first foray into website design and deployment began nearly a decade ago with this site. And after running it for a few years, I lost complete control of it. Hundreds of posts with multiple (and conflicting) page designs–a mess of HTML, CSS, and PHP. So I took some time off, got back into photography, and left the world-wide web behind…

Now I’m back, returning to my roots, so to speak. chadrschulz.com 2.0 aims to do exactly what its first incarnation did: share my not-entirely unique perspective on all things Film, TV, and Rock/Metal Music. And, of course, allow my ever narrowing mind to shout in frustration against an ever growing din of madness.

Built from the ground-up, this new site hopefully(?) finds a solid mix of information, opinion, and function.

I don’t endeavor to attract hordes of acolytes. Monetizing websites is still a thing, it’s just not my thing. The beauty of the internet is that it allows anyone to post anything at anytime for the entire world to view and it costs nearly nothing. A sounding box requiring no listeners to still emotionally resonate with the one making all the noise.

My motivations for this site are wholly creative and entirely personal. I know stuff and I believe stuff and if someone out there wants access to it I aim to provide.

A few things of note:

  • I hate spoilers, they don’t belong in reviews. If I ever should feel the need to “cheat” you’ll be properly warned. And despite my creative inclinations, I strive to keep my reviews/commentaries short. Effective promotion is usually at odds with pretentious comprehensive analysis.
  • I love classic Heavy Metal and Rock. Bands like Judas Priest, Queen, Black Sabbath, Journey, Anthrax, and Metallica (80s era) are what I grew up on. And, although I love new Metal and Rock, I’m a product of my time. My tastes reflect this. You’ve been warned.
  • I rate with weighted letter grades (‘A+’ through ‘F’), if they’re good enough for grade school… However, the graded quality of something won’t necessarily reflect how you might feel about it. Therefore, I offer a sub-score that indicates the balance of art versus entertainment. –Artistry is something to admire, yet, it isn’t always all that much fun.
  • If you find anything objectionable (content and/or design) I welcome constructive criticism, privately. To prevent the creation of a madhouse of unchecked emotion I’m not allowing any form of discussion within this site. You may contact me (the author) directly and I’ll respond as appropriateness dictates.
  • Lastly, if you are an artist(s) with anything you wish for me to review/promote and you have the rights to grant me access I welcome any/all content for consideration. I don’t promise favorable reviews, but I’m always fair. Contact me here.

Chad Schulz