'Byzantine Horizons' album cover

Byzantine Horizons

Crown of Autumn

Chad Schulz Album Reviews

Crown of Autumn’s 2019 album ‘Byzantine Horizons’ is a surprising, impressive collection of Gothic tinged melodic Death Metal.

'Spirits of Fire' album cover

Spirits of Fire

Spirits of Fire

Chad Schulz Album Reviews

Spirits of Fire’s 2019 s/t debut ‘Spirits of Fire’ is a solid album of old-school Heavy Metal.

'Resist' album cover


Within Temptation

Chad Schulz Album Reviews

Within Temptation’s sterile 2019 album ‘Resist’ shows that shifting tone and style isn’t necessarily bold.

'The Face of Fear' album cover

The Face of Fear


Chad Schulz Album Reviews

Danish thrashers Artillery’s 2018 album ‘The Face of Fear’ is a short, but ever so sweet metallic brain crush.

Dead and Alive

Parasite Inc.

Chad Schulz Album Reviews

Parasite Inc.’s 2018 Metal album ‘Dead and Alive’ is accessible, shredding, and lively Melodic Death.