September 15, 2015 84 minutes R

Reinforcing that true horror is more about foreboding and fear than shock or gore.

The 2015 Indie horror ‘Hidden‘ is a claustrophobic post-apocalypse gem with a solid, intimate cast and a phenomenal twist. What can’t find you, can’t hurt you.

When a mysterious viral outbreak ravages their hometown, Zoe (Emily Alyn Lind) and her parents Ray (a stellar Alexander Skarsgård) and Claire (Andrea Riseborough) frantically take refuge in a nearby fallout shelter. After 300 days underground both food and hope are in short supply.

Ray desperately and with generous patience attempts to keep Zoe’s childhood innocence alive by imaging a world that exists no longer as they play simple board games to pass the time together. The ever watchful Claire is more pragmatic, however, setting up some unbreakable rules to keep them safe.

There looms an ominous threat above that must never be spoken of (it’s a rule!): the breathers. Zoe’s biggest nightmare (and ours) is the thought that these nasty predators will discover this makeshift, supremely hidden new home and the loving family within. Enshrouding darkness crushes with each hopefully innocent rattle of chains and creek of rotting boards. A spectacular setting for horror.

A cataclysmic shift during the edge of your seat finale lets the film (and filmmakers) off the hook for most previously assumed character/plot inconsistencies. What started out as a nice horror flick grows to near mythic levels.

Matt and Ross Duffer (credited as The Duffer Brothers) have crafted an impressive, low budget film. ‘Hidden‘ isn’t perfect. But, the high-tension build up of mystery and horror blended with a heartfelt family dynamic and that super cool conclusion make for one memorable experience. When you really care about the characters a horror film can be a truly special thing.

–Yes, these are The Duffer Brothers responsible for Netflix’s awesome 80s throwback series ‘Stranger Things’.


Putting the emphasis on the characters and the settings gives us people to care about and appropriately terrifying ambiance. A nice blend of mystery, thrills, and scares.

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