June 20, 1975 124 minutes PG

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat.” –Chief Brody

Countless film critics have praised Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film ‘Jaws‘ as one of the best of all time. Who am I to argue? –Especially when they are correct.

Greatness born upon a very simple premise: a killer great white shark terrors a peaceful island community until its new police chief, a young marine biologist, and a cranky old shark hunter team up to hunt it down. May the best species win.

However, this is mere framework for a masterclass in filmmaking. There’s not a wasted frame or line of dialog. Everything we see, hear, experience, and feel matters. With nary a hint of the pretention or showboating that’s so common in today’s films.

Roy Scheider’s dutiful boyscout “Chief Brody“, Richard Dreyfuss’ over-eager scientist “Matt Hooper“, and Robert Shaw’s tour-de-force embodiment of the haunted, fearless “Captain Quint” guide us through this timeless classic. And their riveting on-screen dynamics keeps the cinematic magic going even on calmer seas.

The authentic support cast completes what’s ultimately the reason this film lives on in our collective conscious, a relatable humanity. This is a story about people that remind us of our neighbors, our friends, our family. From the first victim to the nailbiting, bittersweet finale every extraordinary thing that happens feels like it’s happening to ordinary, everyday folk.

Art under the guise of popcorn entertainment. An against all odds film production, striking examples of courage and drama, a truly adventuresome spirit, and some of the most iconic moments in motion picture history coalesce wonderfully. Does anyone, anywhere, anymore ever get into any large body of water without first hearing John Williams’ iconic score, “Du-dun, Du-dun…”?

1975’s ‘Jaws‘ is both the quintessential “summer blockbuster” and a perfect film. And it’s not even Steven Spielberg’s best (chew on that for a moment). There’s little point in saying anymore. A Must See!


You can’t find a more sublime example of American cinema anywhere else. A great cast, layered characters, a simple story, and boundless thrills and fun. Perfection.

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Chad Schulz