May 11, 2018 95 minutes Unrated

“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.” –Aesop

As both a fan of stylish modern noir and a good revenge thriller I really wanted to like Vaughen Stein’s 2018 flick ‘Terminal‘. And, although it’s most definitely stylish and vengeance fueled, it left me wanting much more.

Margot Robbie has shown her mettle with recent work. And here as the mysterious “Annie” she’s once again revealing her homicidal maniac tendencies. With the always impactful Simon Pegg in support we get a solid foundation.

Bathed in a colorful, graphic novel palette and brimming with standard noirish cliche there’s not a hint of reality. This is pure dark fairy-tale noir full of comic book caricatures doing nasty things to each other and loving every moment of it.

Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough substance to the overly convoluted story. With characters that never earn their menace nor our sympathy little impact is made once the perfunctory heads will roll finale drops. While consistent, needless “just saw that” flashbacks act as mere padding to compensate for paper-thin plotting and characters.

Despite decent performances and plenty of style 2018’s ‘Terminal‘ lands with an indifferent thud. Turn, instead, to films like ‘Sin City’ to watch this genre’s true potential.


Great actors and a classy style can’t fill in for a near complete lack of substance. Empty, nasty characters doing empty, nasty things to each other in beautifully designed and hauntingly photographed sets.

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Chad Schulz