A Dying Machine

A Dying Machine



Abundant ear-worms infest this Rock/Metal hybrid.

Guitarist Mark Tremonti once again proves his meddle with TREMONTI’s 2018 juggernaut of Melodic Metal-edged Rock ‘A Dying Machine‘. A bottomless supply of deep riffs, ear-worm hooks, and head-crushing pound. With solo material this good I’m at point where I could care less if ALTER BRIDGE ever releases another album.

Now without Wolfgang Van Halen, TREMONTI stands as a three piece with Guitarist Eric Friedman taking on Bass duties and Garret Whitlock on the Skins.

It has become clear that Mark Tremonti (like Jerry Cantrell in ALICE IN CHAINS) has been the pivotal force behind both CREED and ALTER BRIDGE. There’s just so much melodic potency spread across these 14 tracks. And, he’s a damn fine vocalist, as well.

In an album of standouts the early assault of “From the Sky“, power ballad “The First the Last“, the crushing “The Day When Legions Burned“, and bitter sweet anthem “Take You with Me” rise tall. While the title track “A Dying Machine” and its maliciously infectious choral break is a Power Rock monolith.

Can there ever really be too much of a good thing? Well, despite the strength of these individual cuts the consistent heft and beat does lead to bleed and fatigue. Removing a few guilty pleasure tracks, like techno closer instrumental “Found“, could only have intensified the flow.

Forget any notions of Rock as a poor man’s substitute for Metal. TREMONTI’s ‘A Dying Machine‘ is almost as powerful and heavy as anything called Metal with the added bonus of the uplift and ear-worms that can only exist in the land of Rock. This band’s best and an easy 2018 top ten.


An impressive blending of melodies and weight that resonates and lifts. One of the best albums of 2018 and a testament to the power of both Rock and Metal.

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