A Perfect World

A Perfect World



A Euro Pop Rock treasure.

tAKiDA’s 2016 release ‘A Perfect World‘ is a rousing collection of European Hard Rock that stirs the soul. For those days when you just want to feel better about an oft disappointing world.

This Swedish five-piece brought in American producer Ryan Star to help polish their already established blend of rich melodies and socially conscious lyrics. Splitting from modern rock’s tendency to go angst and angry tAKiDA keeps an enduring optimism dancing throughout these melancholic reflections. Emphasizing hope in solving the world’s problems rather than wallowing in self-pity and rage.

I go through “Rock Periods” needing stripped-bare emotion to get me focusing on what truly matters. Thankfully, there are albums and bands like these to meet my needs.

The effervescent “Flowerchild (The Beauty Of Stray)” impacts unlike almost anything heard on the radio anymore. Vocalist Robert Pettersson connects with softer tracks “High” and “Don’t Forget About Me“. While there’s plenty of punchier hook filled cuts like stand out “Better” to satiate those wanting a little more fizz in their Pop Rock.

A Perfect World‘ is a grand musical achievement that deserves respect and demands repeat listens. Demonstrating that good Rock music still comes down to emotion, talent, and a commitment to song.


Emphasizing melody and songcraft elevates this collection of European Hard Pop. A great album.

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