A Realm of Tales

A Realm of Tales



Teutonic Steel?! I’ll just call it damn good Heavy Metal.

Germany’s CUSTARD have been around awhile. But this new incarnation shares little with their origins, aside from the drummer…and a love of riff, power, and hook. Their 2017 release ‘A Realm of Tales‘ is a beast of an album that should please all fans of Euro-Power.

Vocalist Olli Strasser has a solid mid-rangey Geoff Tate-styled wail that well suits these inspired by mythology tales songs. While Guitarists Stefan Absorber and Carsten „Oscar“ Reichart serve up deep harmonious melodies and Bassist Markus Berghammer with co-founder Drummer Chris Clapper offer plenty of beat and pound.

Songs remain firmly in a Heavy/Power vein, allbeit with a shiny Prog veneer. Taking inspirations from literature, history, and traditional folklore each song recounts parts of classic, near-classic myths. The simplistic lyrics ain’t Shakespeare, but those melodic hooks just kill.

Stand-aparts include DIO byway of HELLOWEEN heavyweight intro “Icy Stare/Queen of Snow“, Germanic Speed Power anthem “Snow White“, the heartfelt commentary of Prog ballad “Snow Away/The Little Match Girl“, the demonic PRIEST-esque “Witch Hunter“, and epic Folksy closer “Forged in Fantasy“.

Utilizing a well-proven formula in crafting a nice balance of heft and speed hearkening back to the golden era of 80s/90s Power. No revolution, no complaints.

Fans of Power Metal only really demand talent, riff, and melody. In this CUSTARD’s ‘A Realm of Tales‘ excels. For those looking for that next thing all I can promise is a grand example of what’s been done before. Heavy Metal, tried and true.


Soaring vocals, melodic guitars, and a hefty pound. Tried and true Heavy Metal crafted by veterans. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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