Accident of Birth

Accident of Birth


Bruce Dickinson

Taking the microphone by the balls and wrecking the world with Heavy Metal.

Back in 1997 Bruce Dickinson unleashed one of the best albums of his long, storied career. And it wasn’t even an IRON MAIDEN album. ‘Accident of Birth‘ is amazing, paint-peeling Heavy Metal.

Seeking a more collaborative creative outlet Dickinson left MAIDEN in 1993. And despite success with his first few solo releases Dickinson had yet to reach his potential. Reteaming with fellow ex-MAIDEN Adrian Smith on this recording provided the perfect lightening in a bottle.

From the opening riff of “Freak” it is obvious that Dickinson is exploring new musical territories. This raw, boiling over head-crush mandates his voice be pushed to its limits.

Producer/Guitarist Roy Z commands, bringing an immediacy and intensity to all 13 tracks. In contrast to the Prog pomp and circumstance of MAIDEN’s late 80s period, this collection holds little pretention. However, the 6-minute sweep of “Darkside of Aquarius” gets close…real close.

But, after scorcher “Road to Hell” drops there’s no looking back. The back-half is one unrelenting masterstroke after another. These are serious ear-worm hooks drenched in BLACK SABBATH doom and a venomous vocal soar. Even ballad “Man of Sorrows” bites back with Dickinson’s anguished wail.

Album highlight “The Ghost of Cain” was a US only “bonus”; which is a damned crime. It might be my all time favorite Dickinson song. While he gets an opportunity to actually sing on the comparatively serene acoustic closer “Arc of Space“.

There’s little doubt as to why IRON MAIDEN would eventually reunite (and reignite) with both Smith and Dickinson. Together these two make such sweet Metal melodies.

BRUCE DICKINSON’s 1997 album ‘Accident of Birth‘ is an intense, musical showcase for a legendary Metal voice just out stretching his legs. The best IRON MAIDEN album they never made. Highly Recommended.


Going beyond the musical boundaries of his past pushes Bruce Dickinson’s voice to new limits. One of the heaviest (and best) albums of his long career.

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