Skunk Anansie

Triumphant and soulful Euro Heavy Pop.

Like many stateside, my introduction to British Rock band SKUNK ANANSIE was through Kathryn Bigelow’s killer 1995 techno-thriller ‘Strange Days’. Watching a rage-fueled Skin scream “Selling Jesus” during the chaotic party of the century was a adrenal rush. Their 2016 album, the coyly entitled ‘Anarchytecture‘, continues that blend of unhinged Heavy Metal into electronica infused hip-hop Pop. Like taking steel wool to the inside of your soul.

Simmering opener “Love Someone Else” lays a playful bassline behind the whispered scream of vocal goddess Skin and an eclectic techno bounce. While album standout “Death to the Lovers” laments bittersweet love. And 70s retro bass blankets the seething classic Rock anthem “Bullets“.

Arachytecture‘ shifts styles between 70s retro through 90s Alternative towards 10s synth dance. Songs that barely stop from boiling over, revealing well-aged wisdom behind a no longer quite so youthful fire. Closing on the soul-crushing tour-de-force “I’ll Let You Down“.

Themes continue the pessimistic rant of early works, but there’s now an overglow of near joyous acceptance. The world sucks, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy ourselves amdist the disappointment and regret. You owe yourself to check SKUNK ANANSIE out. And I can’t imagine a better starting point than 2016’s ‘Anarachytecture‘.


Moving between multiple genres offers an abundance of melodic variety. Yet, there remains consistent soul and passion in every note and beat. A great Metal, Rock, Pop, Dance, and Hip-Hip hybrid.

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Chad Schulz