Coming in Hot

Coming in Hot



Proving that modern Rock doesn’t need to be all embittered and fueled on angst.

Taking much inspiration from 70s/80s Rock icons like BLONDIE and PAT BENATAR, DIAMANTE’s 2018 debut ‘Coming in Hot‘ is a riotous throwback to an era when Pop Rock was all hard partying and fist pumping.

With her blue hair and model looks vocalist Diamante doesn’t quite fit the mold of the traditional anti-establishment Rocker. Thankfully, any Pop princess shenanigans are mostly played with an ironic(?) smirk and punk swag.

Working alongside producer Howard Benson and a host of talented songwriters DIAMANTE have created a collection of infinitely listenable Pop Rock that only occasionally drift into fan service conventions.

Opener title track channels Joan Jett complete with overtly sleazy party lyrics. Power anthem “Fight Like a Girl (F.L.A.G.)” flips conventions turning an oft insult into proud praise. While Alt Rocker “Sleepwalking” and the Punk rap of “Definitely Not In Love” scream with rage.

Despite an abundance of guitars most of these tracks skip along on dance rhythms and keys. “Bulletproof” is pure toe tapping Pop. Leaving “Kind of Love” gleeful in its jaded angst.

HEART’s iconic “Cry On You” gets an modern, proto-Metal makeover. And “War Cry” finishes with an 80s hockey arena chorus that would make BENATAR proud.

Still, cuts like “I’m Sorry” and “Sound of Us” exist mostly within bubblegum cola cliche. I’m hopeful it won’t take too long for Diamante and her eponymous band to branch out into more adventurous, independently minded material. Nonetheless, ‘Coming in Hot‘ maintains a genuine Rock attitude for the abundant party Pop hooks and Alternative leanings.


It ain’t any kind of revolution. However, with an abundance of attitude, plenty of hooks, and able production it should satisfy fans of both 80s anthem Rock and modern Pop Alt.

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