Down in the Dark

Down in the Dark


Blazon Stone

Avast ye! Prepare to be boarded.

Swedish Pirate Metalers BLAZON STONE act as torchbearers for the legacy of RUNNING WILD. Their 2017 release ‘Down in the Dark‘ is a solid offering of speed, melody, and buccaneering.

Pirate Metal has become a sorta jokey sub-genre of Metal that is oft presented tongue planted firmly in cheek. However, this two piece plays things delightfully straight. Brothers Forsberg (‘Ced’, instruments and Erik, vocals) take no prisoners with a collection that firmly stays inside Power/Speed Metal trappings.

Call to arms opener “Into Victory” properly sets the celebratory shanty-styled tone. Melodic hooks just pour out of tracks like “Hanged Drawn and Quartered“, “Tavern of the Damned“, and “Bloody Inquisition“. An over dependence on nosebleed speeds hampers some of the enjoyment. Despite the stellar performances it’s really hard to absorb anything played this freakin’ fast.

Pirate Metal is silly music, no doubt. Yet, we still love the romanticized notions of pirates and their wily ways. So taking up those rich sea song/folk melodies and wrapping them in pure Euro Power gives BLAZON STONE’s ‘Down in the Dark’ a positive lift that mostly transcends the ear-blistering performance.


Infusing rich sea shanty melodies with Power Metal played really (really!) fast elevates this could-be gimmick into ear-worm majesty.

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