Attitude, irreverence, and joy played at loud volumes. It’s called Rock music, bitches.

It’s been ten years since we were gifted a WOLFSBANE album…too long, too long. 2022 release ‘Genius‘ is just what the Rock doctors have prescribed. Killer hooks, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and attitude aplenty. Good times.

From the album’s opening grove I remembered why I was so disappointed back in 1995 when I heard vocalist Blaze Bayley was off to sing for IRON MAIDEN. I mean, why ruin two bands.

Bayley’s straight up channeling David Lee Roth throughout. Nothing but net highlights include nosebleed throwback “Things Are Getting Better“, 90s Alt Rock “Zombies“, and Punk anthem “Good Time“. “Impossible Love” has that early VAN HALEN punch. While barnstormer “Running Wild” provides ear-worms for the ages.

The entire classic 80s line-up’s here and they haven’t lost a beat. Steve, “the Ace”, Jeff, and Blaze tear through this barely 30 minute ride leaving nothing but pure, unadulterated joy.

WOLFSBANE charges on with 2022s ‘Genius‘. Irreverent, catchy, and glorious. One of the best releases of the year. Highly Recommended. “Gotta have a good time, all the time!” –indeed :-)


If your just looking for a good time, stop looking. I couldn’t stop smiling…I replayed it three times in a row, front to back.

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