Big Wreck

Surprise, surprise. I just love awesome surprises.

Having lost track of the Rock band BIG WRECK after limited success in the late 90s, imagine my surprise when I found that they had a new album ‘Ghosts‘ (this is their second since reforming in 2010). A wonderful mixture of fuzz guitar, ZEPPELIN-esque quirk, and addictive hooks. All wrapped up in a big Canadian bow for 2014.

The album opens with the Hard Grunge swirl of “A Place to Call Home” before launching into a series of Pop Rock Alternative anthems. Eclectic vocals, infinitely hummable choruses, thick guitars, and bass heavy, off-beat jazzy rhythms. Every track sounds unique and all sound like BIG WRECK. Virtuoso performers playing well-paced songs that breath and build.

Highlights include a playful “I Digress“, the Pop of “My Life“, THE TEA PARTY blues of “Hey Mama“, an infectious/exotic “Diamonds“, a haunting “Still Here“, and Punk-ish THE POLICE commemorate “Come What May“.

BIG WRECK is back in a big way. ‘Ghosts‘ grabs hold and releases at strategical placed moments. Never boring, never ordinary. A reflective, matured, and nuanced celebration of music. Creativity over-flowing with a strong production to boot. You’ll not be disappointed.


Diving guitar hooks, quirky exotic vibes, and deliberate, thoughtful variety ensure an engaging listen that digs in. Rock gems abound.

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