Invasion of Your Privacy

Invasion of Your Privacy



Come for the hair-gel and mascara. Stay for the endless riffs and attitude.

Despite the beginnings of Glam/Hair Metal owing itself in no small part to bands like RATT, I proudly call their second full length 1985’s ‘Invasion of Your Privacy‘ a monument to 80s Rock and one of my misplaced youth’s goto albums.

One look at the Playboy cover model and there’s little allusion about what’re gonna find inside. This is straight-ahead, balls out party-hard cock rock. However, with the twin-axe dueling of Crosby and DeMartini and Stephen Pearcy’s distinctive snarl RATT was a definite cut above.

It may lack the one-two of a “Round and Round”. Yet, unlike their uneven debut, ‘Privacy‘ has no true duds. And opening riff monster “You’re in Love” absolutely peels paint.

Memorable hooks, riffs, and chorals are what these guys are all about. Stand-outs like “Never Use Love“, “Lay It Down“, and “You Should Know By Now” boil over with ear-worm shred. If you’re a guitar freak the incessant soloing will suit you just fine.

Granted, the lyrics are unironic cheese–as only 1980s Rock can be; the misogyny just drips off; and the samey-samey vibe wears thin by side two (remember cassettes?).

Follow-up albums would only get more commercial w/extra cheese as this band imploded with the demise of mascara and hair gel. However, for a few shining years RATT would dominate Rock radio and ‘Invasion of Your Privacy‘ is arguably their strongest. It’s at least their most RATT-tastic. ;-)


An endless supply of guitar riffs, hooks, attitude, and cheese. Making Rock and Roll look easy and also kinda silly.

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