Long Way Back to the Moon

Long Way Back to the Moon


Galactic Cowboys

Melodies abound through a complex, humorous, and way heavy journey into Prog Metal.

Prog Metalers GALACTIC COWBOYS return with their trademark hooks and Beatles-esque vocal harmonies in 2017’s ‘Long Way Back to the Moon‘. A stellar comeback for this highly underrated Texas bred band.

Mixing their early 90s Melodic roots with later period Prog heft keeps toes taping and heads banging. And with each member contributing vocals the variety never bores even when the occasional hook falls flat.

This is the original 1991 line-up of Colvin, Doss, Huggins, and Sonnier. Sounding way younger than they deserve to, the Thrashy pound and Modern punch of “Internal Masquerade“, “Blood in My Eyes“, and “Hate Me” grant the COWBOYS a 21st century Metal admission.

The generally positive vibe that has always defined this pseudo-Christian band remains. Check out the ear-worms of lone ballad “Amisarewas” and the Prog anthem title track. Even the so-called “bonuses” prove anything but throwaway. Smiling at the Heavy is a good thing.

Graciously, American 90s-styled Melodic Prog holds a worthy place in this no longer quite so innocent modern world. The GALACTIC COWBOYS’ 2017 reunion album ‘Long Way Back to the Moon‘ puts a high value on melody that pays off from the very first spin.


Inviting vocal harmonies and an endless supply of hooks grab on while intricate arrangements and performances keep us engaged and coming back for more. Great Prog Metal.

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