On the Edge of No Tomorrow

On the Edge of No Tomorrow



Grandpa’s got the volume cranked again…grab the beer and let’s go join him.

QUARTZ in 2022 may seem to be just another pale reimaging of past glories for a now over 45 year old British Metal band. Surprisingly, most of the remaining members are not only OEM, but their 2022 album ‘On the Edge of No Tomorrow‘ retains both the heft and chops that established them as a Metal pioneers back in the 70s. Impressive.

Following the modern resurgence of “should be dead by now” Metal bands, QUARTZ absolutely kills it :-o here. Probably most known from their monumental early NWOBHM albums and co-founder/keyboardist’s Geoff Nicholls eventual (inevitable?) placement in BLACK SABBATH.

Having rejoined QUARTZ before his untimely death in 2017 Nicholls’ keys/guitars are selectively scattered throughout ‘No Tomorrow‘ providing grand tribute. Vocalists David Garner, Geoff Bate, and Tony Martin join founding members Nick Hopkins (Guitars), Derek Arnold (Bass), and Malcolm Cope (Drums).

This is true Dad Rock Metal with a age-appropriate slow-plod retro burn, ala 21st Century SAXON. Make no mistake, though, these guys still cook. Most tracks retain a SABBATHy vibe with “World of Illusion” standing high as a proto sequel to “Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath”. Cheese runneth over on old-man anthems “Master of the Rainbow” and “Keep up the Fight“. While the DIAMOND HEAD styled “They Do Magic” offers slight reprieve from the sombering bash.

Unfortunately, a few tracks like ballad “What Love Is” present not much beyond cringe. There’s only so much that 70-year-olds can still lyrically realize with a straight face…whatever love is, it needs some pills (and a doctor on stand by). More selective culling was sorely needed.

I won’t call QUARTZ’s fifth album ‘On the Edge of No Tomorrow‘ pioneering, it’s four decades too late for that. Nonetheless, a fitting tribute to New Old Wave of British Heavy Metal. Recommended.


Battling on for over four decades, Quartz delivers a finishing blow with an album that holds strongly to its roots. A fitting tribute to not only member Geoff Nicholls, but to the Metal Gods of yore.

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