Within Temptation

Change is not always for the better.

By diving into more Alternative seas Holland’s WITHIN TEMPTATION attempt to distinctify themselves from the endless ocean of other Symphonic Metal acts. Yet, their 2019 album ‘Resist‘ proves that attempt more sink than swim.

One can’t deny that raging opener “The Reckoning” is a tower of industrialized modern that sets a grand stage. Unfortunately, this seven piece retain an overdependence on commercialized Pop balladry and generic Alt schlock. But, I guess one’s gotta pay the bills somehow. ;-)

Leaving would-be anthems like “Raise Your Banner” and “Holy Ground” with little to grab onto and sugary crap like “Endless War” and “Firelight” without much inspiration or hook. And “Mad World” is either fist-pumping self-parody or grimace inducing cheese–perhaps, both.

Still, “Mercy Mirror” is a solid track backed by actual song structure, melody, and emotion. While “In Vain“, at least, offers a memorable chorus and techno arrangement.

Vocalist Sharon del Abel is by far the best part of this album, giving the worst of these compositions way more respect than they deserve. And the rest of the band is fine; as is Daniel Gibson and Stefan Helleblad’s clean production. There’s just a near total absence of give a sh*t.

Needing an honest to god win for 2019, I really wanted to love this album. However, by lacking inspiration and embracing all things sell-out WITHIN TEMPTATION’s ‘Resist‘ is, unfortunately, quite easy to resist. Little risk, Little reward. The disappointment this year compounds, once again.


  • Sharon del Abel’s passionate rage-fueled vocals shine on and above.
  • “The Reckoning” is a bold, take a stand declaration.
  • An overdependence on Pop ballads and Alt. pathos.
  • Most of the album lacks inspiration and hook.

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