The Child and the Bitch

The Child and the Bitch



A weirdly hypnotic pseudo-Metal experience.

Heavy Metal is a tricky mistress. The boundaries between Metal and not-Metal are always shifting. Slovakian-born vocalist SNOVONNE offers up something compellingly unique on her 2017 concept album ‘The Child and the Bitch‘. It ain’t exactly Metal, but it ain’t exactly anything else, either.

As a self-produced effort I found it near impossible to gather info on anyone involved with this album aside from Snovonne “Sno” Drake herself. So I’ll just give all the credit to this now living in the USA multi-talented artist. She’s earned it.

Gothic-tinged, avant-garde stylings immediately sink in from opening assault title-track “The Child and the Bitch“. Think dark folk with occasional screams, complex rhythms, and intense synth/guitars in support. We even get Industrial trappings for added hook.

Her vocals are an eclectic mix of blues, folk, and thrash. With themes sweeping in and out of psychoanalyzed dreams and madness the listener is never bored. You can just feel the palpable, playful rage in the apt-named Industrial/Orchestral ear-worm hybrid “Bullshit“.

Our story progresses through the bitter lament of ballad (and album highlight) “Home“. While stripped-bare songs like “Sally“, “Anatomy“, and “Best Days” envelop with subtle melodies. And ragers like “Breakdown” and “Filth” attack with a vengeance.

The piano swag of “All My Ghosts” and the symphonic sweep of epic closer “My Poisons Made For Me” offer endless creativity and limited insight into a delightfully twisted mind. Snovonne may not be the most uplifting person in the room, but she’s decidedly the most interesting.

In a world filled with repetition and predictability I’m constantly seeking something else. So whether or not you choose to call SNOVONNE’s 2017 album ‘The Child and the Bitch‘ Heavy Metal is irrelevant. I’ll simply call it amazing.


Flowing between genre and tone sets the listener on an adventurous, hook laden, and wondrously experimental sonic journey.

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