War for All and All for Won

War for All and All for Won



A fearless execution of unbridled melodic pomp and joyous circumstance.

Holy sh*t! I’ve discovered another amazing 2019 Metal album, MAGISTARIUM’s ‘War for All and All for Won‘. Forging the best of old-school Heavy Metal into irresistible Operatic Symphonic. Germany gets that molten steel flowing, once again.

The immediacy of opener “Rising From the Ashes” leaves eargasm casualties in its wake. And follow-ups “One Against the World” and “The Game of Life” sweep up any remaining stragglers. Oleg Rurych is a vocal wrecking ball–imagine Jon Oliva intensity with an added operatic flourish. There’s definitely a late era SAVATAGE theatricality present over the entire album. :-)

Adding a female operatic counterpart for NIGHTWISH-esque opus “Hora Longa Vita Brevis (Symphony of Addiction)” is a stroke of sheer majesty. Between the vocal variety, a deluge of guitar, and the dominant symphony of synth these 11 compositions utilize the entire force of this five piece (plus guests).

I’ll forgive the Power cheese in ballads “Forever” and “1000 Years of Rain“–on lesser albums these might be the highlights. However, here they’re mere filler amidst glory cuts like the Avante-garde leaning title track “War for All and All for Won” and its radiant earworm chorals.

MAGISTARIUM is not simply borrowing from established bands and styles, they are refining and redefining. Flowing through numerous genres as we headbang along in melodic metallic bliss. A breathtaking carnival of Metal that ends on the righteously hokey Power anthem “Follow Your Dream“.

I can’t praise ‘War for All and All for Won‘ enough. MAGISTARIUM have produced a modern classic of Symphonic that’s pure joy. The quintessential balance of hook, riff, soar, and pomp.


A wondrous, melodious adventure through Symphonic Power Metal. Exquisitely cheesy and stupendously awesome!

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