Who You Selling For

Who You Selling For


The Pretty Reckless

Much more than just a pretty face.

American Rock band THE PRETTY RECKLESS has evolved into a firehouse of Hard Blues for their 2016 album ‘Who You Selling For‘. Defiantly modernizing Rock and Roll while still sounding perfectly classic.

With so many bands are trying to copy whatever’s flying through iTunes at the moment it’s refreshing to hear a band unafraid to defy commercialism…and succeed while doing it.

Tearing through it all is Taylor Momsen. A fearless frontwoman riding on the waves of Rock goddess Janis Joplin. A timeless, world-weary voice evoking a synthesis of depression and rage. Can’t f*cking believe she’s only 23!

Fleshing out this retro/modern Rock band fusion is Guitarist Ben Phillips’ gritty soloing swag and the wonderfully nostalgic beats of Bassist Mark Damon and Drummer Jamie Perkins. Working off an inspired urban analoguesque production by Kato Khandwala.

From slowburn grunge intro “The Walls Are Closing In / Hangman” through the speed punk of “Oh My God” and into punchy Blues Rock of album highlight “Take Me Down” things flow around genre and style. If you don’t like one song, just wait, there’s likely another gem coming next. “As long as I’m alive, all I want to do is Rock, Rock, Rock…”

With sly and mature lyrics to ground the wise beyond years performances it’s hard to fault even the tracks that fail to hook. Nothing is lost here, even the quirky disco fantasy of “Mad Love” turns an oft-lamentable genre on its head offering up a helluva closer.

Killing cuts include worthy bass anthem “Prisoner“, Folk-tale “Back to the River“, and the soulful stripped bare title-track. When the angry lament of “Already Dead” cries “too many cigarettes have smoked me to death” you can practically smell the haze of bitter regret.

Set aside any misconception you may harbor for this band and its former actress/model singer. THE PRETTY RECKLESS play damn fine genre-busting Rock. ‘Who You Selling For‘ is the ideal antidote for all that inconsequential crap flooding iTunes.


Tremendous talent and passion mixed with genuine Blues attitude gives this modern Rock collection a classic vibe. A great listen.

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