The Expanse

"Season 3"

Chad Schulz TV Reviews

One of the best sci-fi TV shows all time keeps getting better. Season Three of ‘The Expanse’ is stellar interplanetary entertainment.

Rising From Within


Chad Schulz Album Reviews

Triddana’s 2018 Folk Metal album ‘Rising From Within’ is a masterstroke of bagpipes and guitars.


Chad Schulz Film Reviews

The excellent 2017 vengeance thriller ‘Revenge’ is scathing social justice masquerading as bloody horror.


Chad Schulz Film Reviews

Netflix’s 2017 zombie apocalypse film ‘Cargo’ rises above the fray with potent character driven drama.



Chad Schulz Album Reviews

Ghost’s 2018 album ‘Prequelle’ is a devilishly festive collection of Satanic Rock.

The Rain

"Season 1"

Chad Schulz TV Reviews

The Danish Netflix series ‘The Rain’ offers a compelling and fresh take on the post-apocalypse genre.