A ‘Moonglow’ Teaser


Tobias Sammet’s latest AVANTASIA album ‘Moonglow‘ is about to drop–February 15th 2019. As a fan since their glorious debut ‘The Metal Opera’, I’ve embraced their gradual transition away from Symphonic Metal towards epic-scaled Prog Rock. It allows added complexity and nuance to the deep melodies and intricate arrangements. And, more importantly, it permits a greater range of guest vocalists in not requiring that they all must scream above the fury.

Each album typically gets at least one ballad putting Sammet’s soar alongside an ethereal female guest. As these songs often end up as album highlights the choice of his counterpart is essential. Thankfully, this time he got the effervescent Candice Night onboard for the title track, “Moonglow“. It’s nice to see Night branching out and tackling “heavier” material than her regular gig in BLACKMORE’S NIGHT. It’s a decent song. I’m hoping the album’s another Prog masterpiece. We’ll see.

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