An Argument for Change


Recently, I saw ‘Aquaman‘ at a local theater. And before the 140+ minute feature even began I was forced to endure the perfunctory batch of commercials and trailers. In fact, they lasted so long I almost got up out of my chair at their end forgetting I hadn’t yet finished started watching the film I’d come to see.

And, as movie theaters make less money off of ticket sales (the studios get almost all the money directly) and more off the advertising and marketing dollars, I don’t believe this trend of extra paid-for marketing content is going away any time soon. However, I have an idea…

Trailers have become their own thing, with millions of YouTube views for every “next shiny thing”. So maybe we skip the whole inconvenience of watching movies in movie theaters and just binge on trailers there, instead. For $5 dollars you get to sit down with a bucket of $20 popcorn and a $15 beer and watch an hour (or two) of big spectacle trailers broken up occasionally with some hipster doofus commercials. I figure one visit about every third week to stay current should suffice.

And then, after deciding which of those films we’re actually willing to waste more time and money to see in their entirety, we then turn to Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu or whatever and watch them in the comfort of our own homes without any commercial (or annoying other patron) interruptions. Sounds like a win win to me. ;-)

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Chad Schulz