“Oh, this is the end…”


Well, FX just announced that their mind-f*ck Marvel series ‘Legion‘ will end after Season Three. Creator Noah Hawley apparently planned it as a three season story. But, come on. It’s obvious that had the ratings been better and that Disney hadn’t recently acquired Fox and all their Marvel properties–which includes ‘Legion‘–they would’ve continued the run. I’m mean, Disney’s ending rebooting the entire “X-men” film franchise. So, it’s not like this is a complete shocker.

However, I think this is good news. Any genre TV show that gets to end on its own terms and without unresolved cliffhanger bullsh*t is perfectly fine by me. Short and sweet is just how I roll. Anyway, Season Three looks to be another dark and twisted mind-f*ck. Here’s hoping.

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