The Return of “Star Trek”!?


Despite loving Star Wars and its intergalactic Shakespearean stories and characters I will always remain a faithful “Trekkie”. As a Star Trek fan since TNG and beyond I firmly believe in what Gene Roddenberry intended for his Utopian vision of the future. A galaxy where discovery, improving ourselves, and supporting each other are paramount.

So when J.J. Abrams reboot this utopia into a chaotic, war-actioner alt-reality dystopia I immediately pushed back. And, unfortunately, that tone and purpose carried over into the debut season of CBS All Access series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. I had almost given up hope of ever returning to the place of wonder and thoughtful discovery of my youth. However…

Season Two has, so far, proven a wonderful course correction. There’s still an emphasis on big “wow” moments and grey-area character development–something perhaps suiting a no longer quite so fanciful 21st century world. Yet, this sophomore season is brimming with hope, thinking before acting, and remaining loyal to crew–whatever the cost. Even that wonderfully geeky humor of TOS and the subsequent TNG universe shows is back.

I actually look forward to each new episode. Despite the inclusion of fan service characters like Captain Pike and Lt. Spock and an overdependence on questionable Trek-ism physics ‘Star Trek’ has quickly returned to being quality sci-fi. I just hope the whole “think first” manta has translated well with the more Star Wars oriented pseudo-fans. But, that may be my Trekkie optimism at work. ;-)

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